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Introduction to Nadex Spreads- Free Webinars

What is a Nadex Spread and how does it work?

What are Nadex Spreads?

The Nadex spread contract is one of the best opportunities we have found for traders, to understand the basics of options. The key to trading them profitably is to understand what you are trading. It is a great way for new or novice traders trading to learn to profitably trade options, both traditional and nontraditional. This course introduces the structure of Nadex spreads.

If you have not yet opened a demo account with Nadex, please start one now so that you can follow along with the training.

Your Instructor

Path Trading Partners
Path Trading Partners

Bob Iaccino spent the last 24 years in the commodities, futures and forex markets. He has been teaching traders live and online for over 12 years. He has served as a head of institutional commodity sales for major German bank, a head risk manager for a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm and as a Principal and member of the investment committee for a futures and forex based fund of hedge funds. Bob was also the Chief Market Strategist for a physical Oil company, providing economic and political strategy to their operations team. He has appeared on CNBC, CNBC Asia, Bloomberg Television and radio, CNN, CNN International, CNN Moneyline, Fox News, Fox Business News, First Business (Canada), Phoenix TV (China) and several local television broadcasts throughout the country. To date, Bob has done over 800 interviews on various economic, political and market-based topics and has taught and mentored over 5000 traders.

Mike Arnold

Mike is a 25 Year Market Veteran who has been teaching traders online and in person for 10+ Years. Has has and continues to work as a strategy and development consultant to multiple hedge funds. Mike is a former Options Maker on Multiple Exchanges, where he actually employed the options knowledge he now teaches in his day to day trading, giving his student insights that an average trader now wouldn't have. Mike traded in Chicago, New York and Switzerland and he is the current Head of Technology and Trading Systems Development for Path Trading Partners, as well as being one the the Co-Founders.


"This is by far the best money I’ve spent on my trading education as I’ve pissed away a lot of money to get to this point. Buying indicators is the easy way out, selling indicators is easy money for the vendors. Teaching someone to understand what it means to be a trader is not easy at all nor it is an easy sell, but everyone wants the results to be easy. Buy when this indicator says this, sell when it says that....The best thing to ever happen to me was signing up with Bob and Mike, thinking I could pass a combine based on the knowledge I had at the time. Boy was I wrong.”–Winfred S.

“I’ve paid twice as much for other courses and got half the value.”
–Brad M

“Mike and Bob are awesome; they are like my new big brothers! They give real answers in a real way, and want me to succeed as bad as I do. Bob offered to talk with my Mom when I didn’t have an answer for her; he is awesome”

–John K.

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